Cytomel T3 – recommendations for personal experience

This article does not pretend to be convincing. Everything presented here is a collection of my own observations, reviews, articles and other publications.

Triiodothyronine is the most active form of thyroid hormone. It is used in culture to speed up the metabolism. It is generally used during the drying period, but it is common to use T3 during weight gain. Triiodothyronine also tends to bind to adrenergic receptors, which also has a beneficial effect on the lipolysis process.

I strongly recommend that you do tests before taking this medication, in particular: TSH, T4, T3 (T3 is not mandatory after the cure)

I highly recommend reading Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism.
The question arises: why?
The fact is that knowing the symptoms allows us to correctly determine the effect of T3, to adjust the working dose. Our task is to get into “mild” hyperthyroidism.

Cytomel T3 Dosage

The course should be given gently, usually starting at 25 mcg (half a tablet), but there are rare cases when they are divided into 4 parts (12.5 mcg). The dose is gradually increased every 2-4 days.
Personally, I recommend (this is also stated in the certificate) that the working dose be 75 mcg. For me, this dose worked perfectly, maybe someone needs more, but later.

A slight deviation from the norm is a signal that we have reached this state. If you have a temperature above 39 and your heart rate has risen above 100, this is a signal that you have started to burn your weight and thus the thyroid gland itself. The dose should be reduced (gently).

Duration of administration: I personally recommend taking T3 3-4 weeks (I took 3 myself). Many recommend 4-6 weeks. then?)


AAS: It would be a good choice if you don’t want to look like Buchenwald after class.
A moderate dose of testosterone significantly reduces muscle loss.

To note:

“Conversion of androgens to estrogen in the tissues increases and circulating levels of sex hormone binding globulin increase, increasing the ratio of estrogen to androgens. These hormonal changes can cause gynecomastia in men.”

Personally, I felt it, but not much. I highly recommend making AI supplies.

Beta Blockers: In T3 they will eat at a clearly increased dose. The reason is that I think heart rate and pressure will drop on the scale.
I strongly advise against the use of beta-blockers because it decreases the effect of T3 (because one of the mechanisms of lipolysis is blocked). It would be wiser to reduce the dose of T3, as I mentioned.

Clenbuterol: Clenbuterol was originally recommended as an anti-catabolic agent to prevent T3 failure. However, I have not found any source to confirm that maple has catabolic properties. Taking Tlen in the triiodothyronine cycle only gives you fat – it burns your wallet property.

A bit about T4:

Aive Dumplings, you have read about the amazing properties of the thyroid gland, buy a pack of thyroxine.
A separate category includes people who read a little more and swallow iodine packs with thyroxine in hopes of a “miracle turnaround.” However, the conversion is thought to occur using exogenous thyroxine. active triiodothyronine is reduced. Let’s burn some more money.

PKT: It’s stupidly simple. Iodomarin tablet daily in the morning, before meals. Specifically, I can’t say how long it takes, roughly 2-3 weeks.
After about a month, it is necessary to submit analyzes – TSH, Т4.
Why is it not necessary to use T3? And here is the reason…

“Modern diagnosis of hypothyroidism is based on the determination of TSH and free T4 levels in the blood. The predominant value is the determination of TSH levels. The determination of free T4 levels is not indicated. In In hypothyroidism, determination of blood TSH levels is indicated.”


The drug is very interesting and certainly attracts a lot of attention. I think it should be used in extreme cases (although there is a study where a woman took 6 years of exogenous thyroid hormones and then restored her own hormones) But you shouldn’t expect to be satisfied.