Myths about Hair Loss

Once in life everyone might heard some myths about Hair Loss, but not all myths about Hair Loss have truth in it, so you will now know which Myths about Hair Loss are true and which are false, below we have some Myths about Hair Loss.

  • Too much washing of Hair Causes Hair Loss or Hair Dryness

    False: You can wash your Hair as often as you want, but recommended is to wash hair three times per week.

  • Applying more Shampoo to Hair helps to keep hair clean

    False: A blob of shampoo is more than enough to wash long hair, so there is no point in putting more shampoo on your hair. So you will also reduce your wastage of Shampoo.

Myths about Hair Loss

  • Conditioner helps in repairing Hair

    False: Conditioner cannot repair damaged hair, conditioner only smoothens your hair.

  • Blow-drying Hair causes Hair Loss

    False: Using Blow-drying can harm, burn or dry your hair which can lead to Hair fall, but the hair will grow back again.

  • Keeping Hair wet can cause scalp fungus

    False: Keeping Hair wet can’t cause scalp fungus.

  • Brushing Hair can grow hair faster

    False: Brushing your hair can cause damage to your hair which will lead to Hair Loss.

  • Sharing brushes and combs can spread scalp disease

    True: Yes, sharing your combs or brushes with others can cause scalp disease, as lice or other parasites can travel from one scalp to other scalp so sharing of brushes or combs can spread scalp disease.

  • Hair Cut helps to grow hair faster and thicker

    False: This is just a misunderstanding which the people have they feel cutting hair helps to grow hair fast and thicker, but it is completely false as when the hair grows up they find the base of the hair thicker and when it grows longer it will be same as it was before that is thin.

  • Hair Color causes Hair Loss

    False: The hair color products which you use contains chemicals which can damage your hair but it can’t cause Hair Loss.

  • Exposure to Sun causes Hair Loss

    False: Hair protects your body from Sun Rays and it can’t cause Hair Loss.

  • Stress causes Hair Loss

    True: Yes this is the correct reason, stress can cause Hair Loss. If you are having stress than your body can stop production of Hair and which can lead to temporary Hair Loss.

  • Wearing Helmet can cause Hair Loss

    True: Wearing Helmet or any tight stuff on your head can lead to Hair Loss.

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