How to avoid Obesity

Obesity one of the major problem growing day by day around the globe. As we already know the basic step to avoid obesity is consuming less calories than you burn and if you do opposite of it you will gain weight very fast. Now a days we have seen lots of canned foods which says low fat, low carbohydrates, and sugar free, but that doesn’t mean you can consume these food as much as you want the fact is they still contain some amount of calories. Instead of consuming such foods you should change your food consuming habits in your daily life.

How to avoid Obesity
The most suitable diet to avoid obesity are eating lots of vegetables, grains, fruits, olive oil and wine, these diet which include such food are called as Mediterranean diet, and experts have found it Mediterranean diet have low risks disease and less obesity.

Eat after every 3 to 4 hours: Consuming food after ever 3-4 hours helps to keep your blood sugar level steady. Some people have belief that avoiding meals will help them to lose their weight, but they are wrong instead it will affected the in negative way. You main aim should be to consume less unwanted fats which will help you to lower down your weight, so never try to avoid or skip your meal.

With Breakfast have a cup of green tea which will help your body in speeding up the digestion.

Don’t go for any weight loss diet products they will not help you in long run, they will only show results for temporary time. And when you stop consuming the product you will get back to normal as you were and start gaining weight.

One of the best way to lose your weight will be a balanced diet and daily exercise.

What does balanced diet mean?

  • Balanced diet include having fruits and vegetables 3 times a day to stay fit and healthy. Vegetables are good for our body as it has low calories, and large source of vitamins and minerals.
  • Increase intake of water, at least consume 8 glass of water per day which will help your digestion system.
  • Avoid oils in your food, you should eat boiled vegetables. You can consume unsaturated Extra Virgin Olive Oil in your food.
  • Consume meat without fats.
  • If you are a vegetarian than consume soya bean food to provide protein for your body.
  • Consume skim milk and other low fat dairy products.
  • Consume Yogurt which contains Acidophilus, thermophillus, L. Bulgaricus and lactobacillus which will boost your immunity.
  • Avoid food which contains huge amount of sugar.

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