Bird Flu

What is Bird Flu?

Bird Flu is also called or named as “Avian Influenza“, it is a transmissible disease which is seen in birds due to presence of Influenza A viruses. In birds the Influenza A viruses can be present and can show symptoms from mild infection and low mortality to a highly infectious disease with a near 100% casualty rate. As the virus can remain alive in contaminated excrement for long time and then it can extend among birds, and from birds to other animals, through consumption and inhalation.

Bird Flu

All species of birds can be vulnerable to the avian influenza virus, and the most important thing is that the migratory birds can also carry the virus without any symptoms of any disease.


Can Bird Flu infect Human?

It is very occasional to see that a person is been infected by bird flu viruses, and those who were got infected with the bird flu might have got in closer contact with birds who were infected by the Avian Influenza Virus.

In the year 1997, in Hong Kong it was the first case noticed where the people where infected with the bird flu viruses which was also the H5N1 strain of virus, on examination by experts it was found that the people who were infected by the bird flu had close contact with the infected birds in the poultry.


Can Bird Flu Transmit from person to person?

Till now there is no proof found against the H5N1 strain which affected the outbreaks in South East Asia has developed the capacity to transmit from one person to other person.

At the same time in some cases of transmission from one person directly to another have been reported, these have been isolated one-off occurrences with no further spread to people, and the path of transmission remains unconfirmed.

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