Best Herbal Medicine for Cold

Many people always want to stay away from the sickness common cold which is common in the cold season from November till March. People always want to keep their self and immune system healthy so that they can stay away from common cold.

Best Herbal Medicine for Cold

Once you have been affected by the flu you can start meditations like herbal remedies, vitamins and supplements that can help to curb the effects of the bug or hasten its departure, but there’s no surefire cure for the common cold. One of the best ways to avoid getting the flu would be to keep the healthiest immune system you possibly can. The stronger your immune system is, the better chance your body will merely brush off pesky bugs. This can be accomplished through the use of many different substances.

Vitamin C is one solution commonly referred to when colds abound. Also, Echinacea has seen much popularity as a cold aid. Beta Glucan is one herbal home remedy for cold that helps to boost your immune system to superhuman levels. Beta Glucan stimulates macrophages, which your body uses as a ‘first line of defense’ against bodily invaders. Beta Glucan is naturally found in grains and oats. Maitaki mushroom extract is another substance that has seen some popularity. It is rumored to raise your white blood cell count, which can be enormously helpful in fighting off foreign bodies. Black Cumin extract is yet another solution, which has many healing and anti-viral properties. It helps to protect healthy cells and produces an enzyme called interferon which fights infections.

Last, but not least, is Aloe Vera. Certain sources of it can be powerful in boosting immune function. Liquid Aloe Vera doesn’t offer anywhere near the effects of the concentrated, solid form. Of all of these natural remedies, all are classified as herbs with the exception of Beta Glucan.

Take your choice of these (although a combination has been proven more effective) to help ward off the next flu that comes your way.

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